2018 Best Compact SUVs For Those Who Are Adventurous

2018 Best Compact SUVs For Those Who Are AdventurousAre you adventure lover and looking for a great transportation to travel? We would suggest you to take w look on compact SUV cars. Compact SUV cars can be a great accompany for you to travel because this car is designed to meet the hardest path you take. If conventional SUV is not your thing, compact SUV is a right decision because it is a little bit smaller And, the machine is a great for road trips. There are plenty compact choice of compact SUV in the market. Here, we would like to review best compact SUVs in 2018.

In out top list, we have Ford Escape feature an undeniably athletic exterior set as compact vehicles. This car comes with 1.5 litre EcoBoost engine located on the front-wheel drive. The Ford Escape SE gives you 179 hp with estimated 23 city and 39 highway mpg. There is also leather trim available leather trim and it leaves a luxurious feeling to every passenger. SYNC system helps provide user-friendly and great touchscreen experience. It also allows you to pinpoint the near top restaurants and understanding about local traffic conditions. Next, Chevrolet Equinox is our choice for you to accompany your traveling time. This is designed as go-to road trip vehicle. This car features a standard 2.4 -litre engine and it helps provide a great power with estimated 20 city 28 highway mpg. For the interior looks comfortable, delightful, and comes with audio options. For those who are audiophiles on the trip road, this car will take your listening experience to the next level, thanks to premium Pioneer eight-speaker system and MyLink Radio.

The sporty Honda CR-V EX-L features turbocharged engine. The engine lets you experience some kicked-up acceleration and a greater thrilling ride. When you ride on this sport Honda SUV car, you will love revving the engine and look cooler too. Dual chrome exhaust and sculpted body panels will make a statement anywhere you go. This car also employs attractive fuel economy as the priority for Honda as the Honda’s identity. The Honda CR-V can reach an estimated 27 city and 33 highway mpg with AWD and a 1.5 turbocharged engine. Last, our choice comes to Nissan Rogue. The Nissan looks more spacious and pack lots of cargo. And the rear seats can be folded down. It can be the best car to accommodate your golf clubs. This car offers a delightful interior. Features includes fuel economy, a 2.5-litre, as well as four-cylinder. This compact Nissan Rogue can deliver 26 city and 33 highway mpg.